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Based on 486 reviews

Exactly as seen in the photos. We recently upgraded from an intrusive, outdated hood that had become more of a hassle than a useful appliance, and it was just installed yesterday. Ve ry suitable for low ceilings. It was difficult to install, and I don't see how it could have been done with just two people. Not intuitive remote.

Beautiful and well-made. It performs flawlessly and was simple to install. Overall, I'm pleased with how well the product works and looks.

Although it is not as sophisticated as other, more expensive brands, it is ideal for a typical kitchen. I understand why it has so many positive reviews.


This oven is ideal for my kitchen island. The microwave blends in well with the rest of my kitchen gadgets! The touch screen works perfectly. Thank you, ZLINE!


I was remodeling my kitchen and came across this appliance package bargain that was just what I was searching for.

Great Value

My kitchen has been completely renovated! I'm astounded by how wonderfully everything turned out. These items are both stylish and functional! My new Zline kitchen is fantastic.

With a professional appearance, simmer and boil burners, a convection fan, and roller racks, our new Kucht gas range is just fantastic. Couldn't have asked for more!

The fan runs smoothly. I haven't used it at full speed. Happy and content with the product so far.

Amazing vent hood and high quality. 100% recommended!

Much Pleased!

We've had this range hood for about a year. I'm quite pleased with its performance. Overall, I am really pleased with my purchase and hope it will last a long time.

Admiring quality

I've always admired the professional appearance of a kitchen with a range hood over the stove, so installing one was a priority when we rebuilt our kitchen. On, we saw a great offer on ZLINE range hoods and other appliances and purchased this one.

The best purchase I've ever made! I'm pleased with the way my kitchen came out. This appliance bundle was a great value!

This range hood was purchased for a kitchen renovation and it works perfectly. It is a nice range hood for the price. The hood vent was very simple to install and is the ideal size for the area.

Not complex

It isn't as complex as some more expensive brands, but it's enough for a normal kitchen. I can see why it has so many positive ratings.

Functionable and Fast delivery

The appliances look and function well! I was really happy with the shipping and installation.


This stove was purchased by my husband for our new kitchen. It's ideal for my needs. The oven bakes perfectly, and the temperature is ideal for all types of baking. You have complete control over the temperature. It's everything I've ever desired.

Love it!

I fell in love the moment we unpacked the present. And the oven...oh my goodness, it's massive. WAY larger than my previous one ever could. The only disadvantage is that this... Continue reading

Powerful range

I've always wanted a professional range, and this one is perfect. It's powerful while also being visually appealing. The oven racks slip out quietly. The range is quite solid and strong. The work has suddenly gotten so much simpler for someone like me who enjoys cooking and entertaining. Timing juggling is a thing of the past. I can now do everything at once!


To yet, the range has greatly exceeded my expectations; the main challenge has been adjusting to the higher output burners, which are likely two to three times as efficient as our previous range. I would strongly suggest this range to anybody wishing to upgrade their kitchen at an affordable price.

New ZLINE collection

I adore my new zline collection. The temperature is accurate, and the cooking is uniform. It browns beautifully. Even more astonishing is their dishwasher. Spend the additional money and fall in love with your appliances. When spread out throughout the life of the appliance, it's not much.

So Professional!!

My new stove looks really professional. The oven was exactly calibrated, and the temperature was spot on. It was simple to install, and I was able to cook and bake straight away.

First time buying

This was my first time purchasing from this company, and I couldn't find any reviews online, so I was a little concerned at first. But the range hood and range I got look fantastic in my kitchen! I received the things two days later than advertised. However, I would buy from them again and suggest them.

Great Range

Great range, works good; just need to have a feel for the best burner for each use. I really like the dual fuel. Strongly recommended to everyone who values appliance operation and aesthetics. What I particularly enjoy about it is the simple yet classy appearance, as well as how easy it is to clean and use.

Love it!!

Absolutely love the hood, love the sleek design, it's powerful enough to cook with and eliminates practically all odors. It's a little noisy, but not unbearably so. We are really pleased with the product and highly suggest it! The price is also amazing!

Amazing quality

Amazing quality, love that it has a rotisserie and griddle which can be used as a grill.