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Sauna Dynamic 1-2 Person Barcelona Edition - DYN-6106-01

This sauna is exactly what I was looking for. Assembly was easy and it is made from quality materials. Once assembled the sauna works like a dream and is solid as a rock. Very pleased with my purchase and Golden Designs Infrared Saunas.

Impressive vaccine refrigerator

We bought this vaccine refrigerator to replace our old unit that broke. So far it is functioning well and maintains its temperature consistently, it is spacious compared to our old unit as well. A great choice for a vaccine refrigerator.

Great bike

This bike is great! It is fast and very comfortable to ride. It was shipped to me in a week and I received it in good condition. It is very easy to put together as well, I swear you won't sweat! As per the battery I have to test it yet, but I also read some reviews that you can reach 14 miles and the battery is still at 50%. If you are going to compare other e-bikes at this price point you will realize that it is the best there is!

Great stretching machine

This stretching machine is the best! It's a bit pricey but I do not regret having this at home. It actually stretches better than yoga. I highly recommend it for those undergoing therapy for injuries, or those experiencing problems with their lower back.

Awesome cabinet

The cabinet came in flawless condition and is as beautiful as it is on the website. The cabinet and drawer open and close smoothly. Looks well-built too. I am overall satisfied that I get what I paid for.

Love my cooktop!

This is a solid cooktop and looks beautiful on our countertop. All the worries in waiting for a restocking date that keeps being pushed were worth when it was installed and tested. I couldn't be any happier, I love it!

I love the style of this beverage cooler. The size and storage space are just exactly what I need. I am so far satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to those who look for a beverage fridge for their counter.

Game machine and time machine all at one

My daughter requested this machine and I bought it not only because I love her but because it is the game I grew up in. I was surprised my daughter loves the same game I got addicted to when I was her age. It brings so a lot of memories. I love the machine, it came well-packaged, we always enjoy the game together and we never had any issues.

Exceptional refrigerator

I expected a top-of-the-line refrigerator and that's what this Forno exactly gave me. It is elegant and spacious enough, it also cools and freezes great too.

Five stars deserved!

It is my first time buying a sauna and I am super happy! It is super easy to set up, everything snaps perfectly in its location. The craftsmanship is also exceptional, it works well and looks well. I thought I would get a poorly designed and just a regular type of sauna that breaks after a few use but I was wrong. It is more than I expected. Thank you, Sunray!

Vision Grill is the Champ!

There are a lot of kamado grills being sold in the market but Vision Grill is the best for me! It is an upgraded version of every feature other brands have. I know it because I did my research and listened to different sales pitches from different representatives of different stores before deciding on what kamado grill to buy. High and low cooking temperature, temperature control, heat up time, easy cleanup, smoky flavor, easy assembly, durability, versatility, and cooking space, are all in here and was made even better If you're still unsure you can check the website of Vision grills yourself. If you will not be convinced that Vision Grills has the best kamado grill then nothing will.

This Range is worth the wait. It arrived a week early than I expected. I really love the dual oven, while my husband do loves the griddle. We also tried the rotisserie. I had a small oven way back and I kinda felt that this one is totally awesome than my first oven as this one is flexible with the added extra oven

This Forno has a good quality. Very promising microwave tech. Gives a great cooking experience, and even the functions are easy to navigate. The unit delivers a thorough bake and gives even results. Very nice looking. I am very pleased. Thanks, Primefair.

This is a solid and beautiful faucet we installed in our bathroom, and great because they work well. They are pricy, yes, considering the options that are out there but ultimately chose this to match a very specific decor. You get what you pay for….

Sturdy and Classy

Everything we expected and more. Very sturdy and wonderful vanity. I purchased the white one and matched it with a huge led light mirrors-it looks spectacular! Definitely high-quality product. But we had to wait for weeks for this to be delivered as we ordered it during it was unavailable.

I started purchasing Zline appliances ever since I received my range and vent hood. Both arrived in good condition and work as advertised. Now I ordered this oven and so far I am very happy and satisfied with the quality and the features. All the appliances looked great in my new home and the performance is excellent.

We purchased it for our new home and so far it cleans the dishes well with minimal noise and less electricity. You too must enjoy the convenience of being able to rest after eating, so do not hesitate to buy a dishwasher. This one is highly recommended.

I was searching for stainless steel appliances and this website popped on my screen. Coincidentally, these are also the appliance I was looking for. I have them in my kitchen now and it screams elegance. All of them arrived in perfect condition, five stars for handling! I never had any issues with these appliances so far and I hope I won't. I just really love them! I actually stay more in the kitchen now than in the living room.

I purchased this range while it was on sale and I am thrilled with the quality. This range looks durable and heavy duty. The only con is I received the item with scratch on its side, good thing is it wasn't so obvious. Overall, I love my new range. I'll give 5 stars after a few months of use.

This wine cooler completes our modern kitchen upgrade. We store not only wines but a lot of beverages in it. It’s really efficient and saves up space in our fridge. Never had any issues so far, we are just really happy and satisfied

I was considering the 2 person model but was told the saunas run a little small so I went with the larger one. So, glad I did. It has a good amount of space for me and my husband. It has backrests which makes it easy to relax with a cold beverage while your breaking a sweat. Delivery was fast and setup only took about an hour. Very pleased!

It was very secure when delivered to my doorstep, the delivery got here on time, quality looks great.


Very responsive customer service, they answered all of my question regarding the product and the shipping time, they also helped me to choose which design is a perfect fit for me. I received it in a very good condition with no dents. Thanks!

The contractor just installed it, it was great, the color is beautiful.

The oven is magnificent! I don't know how I manage to keep up with my old one for so long. I am still figuring out the different heat settings, but it cooks much faster and more evenly than anything else I’ve used. Easy installation since we had a plug and gas line there already. It was less expensive than other sites I've been to, this costs over $10k at most places!!! It also comes with a griddle top that can be a grill or flat surface. We use that a lot, and it can be taken off and put in the oven as it is cast iron. All in all I am a very satisfied costumer, and definitely will be back again for more!